Carpenters Local 351
  Welcome to Carpenters Local 351! The purpose of this website is to help the members of the local stay up to date on information pertaining to the local and to give the local a method of informing the public of it's activities, views and beliefs.
If you have any questions about anything on this website, please feel free to contact the local Executive Board via our Contact Page.
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Welcome to the brand new site for Carpenters Local 351!
This site is under construction and we are currently looking for content ideas from our members! So please, tell us what you want to see here!

Latest news

Labor Fest - September 1, 2014
This year will be celebrating Labor day at the lucas county fairgrounds at Labor fest. You will need a wristband to get into the grounds contact any business rep from 351 for your wristband. There will be no picnic at the hall this year.
Union meeting - November 19, 2013
We will have our meeting as planned. Phones are still out but we have power.
Jacket photos - August 21, 2013
Those who were eligible for a Jacket for attending 8 out of 12 union meetings may select a jacket from this page. Call the hall with your selection.
Important information regarding vacation letter - December 10, 2012
A letter that you will receive about the new vacation savings account implies that you must send in a $25 initial deposit. This is not true, what the letter states is that the account must have a $25 deposit. This amount will be held in the account from your first vacation deposit received on your behalf. You do not need to send in $25 with your application. If you have any questions please call the hall.
Re-register - September 22, 2012
Everyone will need to re-register for the site. The login system has been updated, and due to some internal changes, it was necessary to start everyone over.

Once you have logged in however the new system will let you know if you are current on your dues and if not it will give you how much you owe.

Reminder! Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.