Local 351 MAC trailer

There is a need

351 Volunteers

Our members are active in the community, we like to give back and help those who need it. We can't help everyone, but we help everyone we can.

Logistical nightmare

Clutter of tools

The problem was sometimes we didn't have the right tools or have a place to keep them. We had to rely on our volunteers tools.

We found a solution

Mac trailer

The Local committed fully to our spirit of volunteerism. We purchased and outfitted our MAC trailer. It has everything we need.

It's there when we need it

MAC trailer on a jobsite

Now when we roll out on a volunteer project, we not only have a secure location for tools, but the trailer has AC/Heat to help keep our volunteers safe. 

It shares our values

Helmets to hard hat side of trailer

The art on the trailer tells a story, of our commitment to our community, and our partnership with our veterans. Our helmets to hardhat program provides jobs to vets.

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MAC trailer leaving for a job

To see more of our members in action, make sure you check back with our 351 in action page. Thank you for your interest in our community service.